THEE DEADTIME PHILHARMONIC – ‘HARDLINES’ (Directed by Michael Socha and Adaptive Media)

Babylon Workin’/Idiot Village


Idiot Village (black & white version)


Bad Lad (featuring Michael Socha /This is England, Being Human)


Protected (feat. MC Tanzanite – performance video) 


Spine (demo)


Maggie’s Babies


Sonic P.C.P.


Spine (album version – Estate of the Heart)



(Original banned version. Content Warning: video may contain images that some viewers may find offensive or disturbing)




Lions to Lambs


Greed will eat us all


Dominion (B-side/ rough demo)


Snake (Murdoch acoustic)


Sirens (B-side/Ant Ryan session)



Russia Today (Going Underground) Interview and acoustic performance




Channel 4 interview with Jaimie Winstone (Strummerville Sessions)  Directed by Don Letts