Photos: TDP @ Bradford (The Underground and Derby (The  Hairy Dog) November 2019 

We all want to thank everyone  for coming to see us at both Bradford (The Underground) and Derby (The Hairy Dog) this month. As with Derby,  Bradford is a city that is close to our hearts and as with alot of northern cities their  appreciation for new music and bands never fails to amaze us. Big up to all involved who made us feel so welcome. Respect to the  people who  braved the Derbados and UK  floods and came to see us from all across the country.  You warmed our hearts.  Our manager Andy gives a nice account here in his blog on how  it was to meet the ‘dead army’ (aka hardcore Deadtime Fans) . As always it was a pleasure to play at The Hairy Dog.  A brilliant venue run by real music fans and a brilliant crowd to play to. 

We have loved playing our new AA single ‘Testify’ (Dues paid in full)/ ‘Hardlines’ live and also a new song ‘Prophet and Loss’ which will be on our forthcoming second album which is still being written!  The response to the new material has been incredible and we are really proud of the songs.  Thank you all for your support. 

Next up we  playing the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts on Friday 15th November in Stowmarket, Suffolk.  Tickets are for sale here and will also be available on the door.  In slideshow below are a few backstage band shots from Bradford and pictures from Keith Knowles of KK Photography (copywright) from  our Derby gig over the weekend. 




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Stay Gold x

Thee Deadtime Philharmonic


New Merch available at November gigs:

We have some new merch which will be available at our November gigs. Exclusive promo  CD copies of our new AA single ‘Testify’ (dues paid in full)/ ‘Hardlines’ (released in early 2020)  is for sale at gigs and online.  Thanks in advance to anyone who buys any merch . It goes towards helping us raise some funds to record more songs for a second album. Buy AA single, bag, badges or  keyring  here .  Album and T-Shirts are on our other page on Big Cartel. Thank you for your support!







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London gig cancellation

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our London gig at Nambucca on the 12th of November. We will be back in London to play early next year when our new AA single is officially released. We will still be seeing you on the 2nd:Bradford, 9th:Derby, 15th:Stowmarket in November. All gigs on our Facebook events page. 

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We are back 😉 See you in November….more info on our Gigs page for dates etc.


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Tesla Studios Recording Sessions

We have just spent the weekend at Tesla Studios in Sheffield and had the pleasure of working with the mighty David Glover behind the desk recording our new double A-side single. Check out slide show pictures above.

Glover has worked with many fantastic artists including Slow Club, Richard Hawley and Reverend and the Makers.

We are very happy with the results so far and can’t wait for you all to hear the finished product. Big thanks to our management Dead Doll Music for getting us back in the studio and to Glover.  One more session and its a wrap! Release dates and single titles coming soon…


Album review of ‘Estate of the Heart’ by Ian McNicholas. 


ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Let’s put it this way, the leader of the band Wayne Murdoch who comes from a mining background doesn’t hold back on his views of the law, the media and the sorry state of affairs going on in most of the towns across the country these days. His lyrics have a powerful yet truthful meaning about them, he covers problem areas such as poverty, racism, domestic violence, and how it has affected the working people of Britain over many years.

Kerry Ann and in certain tracks MC Tanzanite compliment Murdoch’s out of this world writing by adding wonderful harmonies and reggae rhymes to paint a harsh picture of how Britain is being portrayed at this very moment in time and it really is impressive to say the least. From the beautiful yet brutal ‘Idiot Village’ to the absolute belter of an anthem ‘Babylon Workin’ this albums got everything.’

Full review here at That Blogger Music :


Attila the Stockbroker labels Thee Deadtime Philharmonic as ‘ones to watch’ 

Big thank you to the legendary punk poet Attila the Stockbroker for including us in his piece for The Morning Star after he came to see us at this year’s Merthyr Rising Festival in Wales. 

‘I then wandered over to the main stage and came across a brilliant, original and highly politicised and musically inventive bunch called Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, interviewed in the Morning Star in the run-up to the festival ( I’d heard the name, but no more, and it was a special moment. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about them.’

Full article here:


Photo’s: Main stage performance at Merthyr Rising 2019

It was an honour to perform at this year’s Merthyr Rising. Huge thank you from us all to all the organisers, volunteers and crowd who came to see us in Merthyr Tydfil. We couldn’t have been more proud to be part of  a celebration of working class culture and resistance at the birthplace of the red flag.













Photo’s  by Tony Colville,  Andy McGlashen and Articulate Chav

Full line up for Saturday 25th May at Merthyr Rising 2019

Thee Deadtime Philharmonic will be seeing you on the Pearl Melody Black Stage at Merthyr Rising 2019. Full line up below. Come witness…


Murdoch’s interview and feature with Neil Mudd of the Morning Star

A huge thank you to Neil Mudd and the Morning Star for the feature/interview with Murdoch ahead of our Merthyr Rising performance on May 25th. Click here to read full article

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Merthyr Rising 2019 competition winner:

Congratulations to Mark Gawthorpe who has won our Merthyr Rising competition. Here’s what he wrote about ‘Idiot Village’:

“In a time where working-class voices and experiences are all but completely air brushed from the ‘woke’ political narrative, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic are all the more precious and refreshing a phenomena.
They’re neither middle-class ego junkies, nor empty and meaningless mass market pop-fodder, but an unusually authentic voice that drags pain, originality and anger from the often savage peripheries of contemporary British society.

This solid music video, also one of my favourite tracks, portrays the harsh realities of austerity Britain with both a powerful melancholy depth, and a stark social clarity that only those that have been brushed by these realities can ever come quite so close to fully capturing”


Win free tickets to see Thee Deadtime Philharmonic at Merthyr Rising 2019

Competition:  Win two free weekend tickets for yourself and a guest to see us and many other great artists at Merthyr Rising 2019. The ticket includes a camping pass for the weekend.

Visit our Facebook and Twitter page to enter competition. More details below..

Share one of our YouTube music videos on either Facebook or Twitter and write a description / status about why you like the song and / or band. Simply, the best comment wins! (If sharing on Facebook please make sure your post is public.) Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve entered the competition so we can take a look.

We will announce winner on both social media sites on 8th May 



Thee Deadtime Philharmonic are proud to announce a main stage performance on Saturday 25th May at this year’s Merthyr Rising Festival. 

”As working class artists we are really proud to be a part of this. It’s not your usual commercial festival that’s just about emptying the pockets of live music lovers. The historic rebellion in 1831 is something we’d like to see more of these days, where unheard voices and the downtrodden unite and make a stand. We hope to be a small part of that through our music. As we are from an ex-mining community, we are not dissimilar to the people of Merthyr Tydfil and we are looking forward to performing in front of our kind of people.  Over the last decade a lot of doors have been closed to us simply because of our background – mainly because we don’t fit in with the clique. What we have achieved, we achieve on our own terms. We fully support the festival’s ethos to encourage resistance to inequality through music. It’s something we’re really passionate about.  It’s great to be on the same bill as Black Grape, Sugarhill Gang and many other respected artists. (Murdoch – Thee Deadtime Philharmonic) 

Some of the festivals aims are to encourage more political awareness and activism at a grassroot level. To discuss, debate and generate radical ideas to support communities and change the world. More details can be found on the festivals website of their aims and mission: